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Warsaw Ghetto

Warsaw Ghetto In April-May 1943 an event occurred on the territory of the Warsaw ghetto, which until now remains virtually unknown. This is an insurrection, which initiated the chain reaction of the uprisings raised by the Jews in Poland. Moreover, the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto was the first armed intervention in the German-occupied Europe. What was the purpose of this revolution? What did the insurgents rely on against the heavily armed SS men? Was there a chance to survive? This will be discussed in the present article.
The story of this uprising will be rightly begun with a short excursion into the pre-war history of Poland. In 1918, on the wreckage of the Russian, German and Austro-Hungarian empires, after 123 years of nonexistence, the Polish state revived. The interwar Poland, unlike Poland's modern, was, perhaps, the most diverse in the religious and ethnically respected country of Europe. The title nation - the Poles - was about 68% of the population. The rema…

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler
This is Baron John Scott-Ellis - a representative of an ancient British aristocratic family. It was 1931, the young John was staying in Munich, and he was bored. To dispel anguish, he decided to buy himself a red car and immediately roll him through the streets of the German city together with his German acquaintance. A pleasant summer day facilitated the journey, and everything was wonderful when suddenly a pedestrian came under the wheels of the red Fiat and was shot down. Fortunately, the blow was not high, the pedestrian was shaken off, and the German friend settled everything. This time, DA RED is not GOEZ FASTA!
"Do you know who it was?" Asked a friend.
"Of course not," John replied.
"This is our famous politician, he has his party, his name is Adolf Hitler."
Years later John loved to tell this story and noticed that in those seconds he could change History.
So the fairy tale is finished, but who listened - well done.

Wailing Wall

Wailing Wall

The famous photo of David Rubinger - it depicts Yitzhak Itath, Zion Karasanti, and Haim Oshri - three Israeli paratroopers of the 2nd company of the 66th battalion of the 55th Parachute Brigade standing at the Western Wall after the liberation of Jerusalem on June 10,
Forty years later, an English journalist found them and photographed practically at the same place.

The author of the photo, David Rubinger, "national photographer of Israel," died on March 2, 2017.

Traces of devils

Ladies and gentlemen, let me welcome you and present to your court one of the stories that have occurred in my life. I write for the first time, so please do not abuse the request.
In my neighbors, there was one elderly couple: grandfather and his wife. Children they did not have, they lived alone. In our village, these two were not loved and tried not to get involved once again. Everyone was chatting about them. They say grandmother witchcraft did not disdain. Grandfather all called: Vista-Vanya. This nickname interested me. I asked about this old man about the old people, and that's what they told me.
During the war, this grandfather had a brother. He fought well, was repeatedly awarded, but did not live to win. Whether in the war he died, or something else happened. But that's not the point. Assigned this grandfather the documents of his deceased brother. So he lived all his life under a false name, being considered a veteran and getting a good pension.
An interesting story, mystical character, it is quite real and told to real people.

My friend works as an investigator with my husband, he told me. There lived in our city a prostitute, her profession was not shy. She lived alone with her son, only her sister from relatives. A white wig arrived at the station, a short skirt, red boots, and boots, and took the bus to the main road to get to work. Back there was a ride or a ride, somebody would come back on foot. The city was small, there was no taxi at that time. Found her body mutilated, mutilated in the same place, on the track. They began to investigate, to question all, though, without much zeal, nobody loved her, women spied on the trail, the peasants mocked, insulting words screamed in the trail, her son was called in the school. He called this sister to him on the agenda, my sister kept silent, said, they say, I do not know anything, but then I began to talk. Two days before her death came Tanya to her face clean, unpainted, a dr…
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