Night Office

                                             Night Office

But I never told anyone this story and, I think, I will never say (in the case of the probability of my identity being discovered). One night, I guarded the office at night. Obligations were a minimum - to watch that no one broke in. (I am a driveless nobleman, but if someone managed to break this unreal iron door at night, he would not have been able to stop the monies, so I was there for the pro forma), let in Bosses, and also that the ceiling does not flow - sometimes their pipes on the second floor broke through. And once a week, you need to wash the windows from the inside. In general, the work is simple and not dusty. And there were computers with all sorts of simple toys, such as the heroes of the sword and the magic of the third - and I do not need more. In this office, I spent nights from Saturday to Sunday. Everything was always calm; the keys were only from the director, some manager and me. And one day on Saturday I sat behind the heroes and suddenly something started to stir on the other side of the door. Once.

I went over, looked through the peephole - no one. He decided that they passed by and went back to the game, but before he could sit down on the chair, something again began to scratch, and there were a completely indecipherable male voice and a knock at the door. I decided that it was the director who came in, inserted the keys. Turned one corner and looked again at the peephole - there was nobody there. I loudly said: "Name-patronymic, is it you?" In response, silence. I turned the key back, immediately there was a voice from that side of the door - this time female, again I did not understand a word - like saying, but some syllables after the syllable are meaningless. Then I loudly sent them all through the door and threatened that I would call the police (here I S Luka Vil - no phone inside was not, I just knew that theoretically there must be a firefighter button, I still do not know if it is there or no). After about a second after that, the woman's voice fell silent, and there was a soft knock on the window. I parted the blinds and felt cold. No, he did not just eat.

I was exhausted from fear - my legs buckled and I sat on the floor. On the great hung a man (I want to think that man). Everything in him was completely unnatural. Such impression, by * d, that someone saw people only in the cinema and made himself a suit to resemble a man and put it on himself. I can not even-even determine what kind of sex it was. And as soon as he saw me, he spoke - at first with that female voice, then alternating in the syllable with the male, then as if the voice came from several sources, with some squeaks and rustles. He was, and his facial expression was inhuman - he simultaneously moved all facial muscles in all possible directions. With his hands and feet, he knelt on the glass, and he went up. Maybe he clamped the rods between his knees and clambered up - I do not know. At that moment it seemed to me that he took off. It was clearly visible and hung for so long, probably for a minute, but I could not do anything at all - I just sat on the floor and stared at the creature stiffened.

Somewhere a moment later came a sudden deliverance - suddenly all cacophony fell silent, and he turned sharply (I swear, turned a head to 100 degrees, already by the shoulder) and froze for a few seconds, staring somewhere, and then jumped down and something Uttering a new, low-pitched voice, retired. Where did he go? I could not see from the floor. I had enough strength only to push the blinds and crawl into the room, from which you can not see the door or windows. There I sat down and cried - like a little child, the last time I cried for eight years before that. Then this state passed, and a tremor began to beat me. So, on the floor, I sat till 6 am, frightened of every rustle until the changer Artem came. I probably looked at it for a minute or two through the peephole and asked then to move away, then say "something."

In the end, he let go, he gave me a wet slap on the way, and I just laughed happily and hysterically (again to tears in my eyes). In general, I came home - parents can not understand what happened to me - pale, circles under the eyes, weighed - 7 kilos lost weight per night. Since then, I often sleep poorly at night and have nightmares. None of the friends - no words or hints - will laugh, but decided to lay out here - still do not believe it, I would not have believed it myself, but I wanted to share very much. Well, in general, this is all, I do not read anymore, I went to sleep myself. And, well, finally - why did I not go crazy after this - if you think logically, I think if he needed me, I would not have written this story now. I think so, I accidentally turned up, and then he was distracted by something else, but forgot about me. Well, I want to feel.


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